The Heroic War Experience before its launch – Exceeds expectations for a 2D title

From the very first days of release, Heroes of War has immediately attracted the attention of the community of gamers by super-heroic heathen unprecedented. Take a quick test of this blockbuster before the release date!

After a long and thorough completion of the Vietnamese version, the “super hero” blockbuster – Hero Hung Chien will officially launch tomorrow – March 23, 2017.

Heroes of War is a chibi-style 2D-themed, cross-themed game of intense battles between the most powerful superheroes on the planet. Comprehensive array of familiar “superstars”, from Marvel Comics, Manga, to Dota2, the League of Legends.

Despite its generalization, Heroes of War does not rely on traditional turn-based attacks that allow for real-time combat. In addition, the player can move the position of the arbitrarily close or long range, bringing the feeling of tight pk cut hands.

In the game of gathering generals, players can be fortunate to receive the special variant version – with a differentiated form than the regular heroes. In addition, the mutant hero also possesses great strength limitations and superior skills – becoming the planet’s most powerful superhero.

A plus point about the heroic card of War Hero, is that between generals there is a linkage auxiliary. Just cleverly arranging a team with generals supporting each other, the heroes’ strength stats can increase by 20-100%, resulting in massive damage. This makes the game quite balanced, when “free plowing” completely open the door to compete with the VIP load.


In terms of effects – images, it can be said that Heroic War Hero deserves a remarkable amount of success compared to 2D titles. Great monumental majors are kept under the characteristics of each general, the area of magical and wide-ranging magic has no eyes lag shock.
34The godless mutant hero that every player wished to own

In addition to the above plus points, War Drives also own a variety of levels of activity: Arena,, Federation Alliance, … help players collect wealth, raw materials, valuable treasures to upgrade power.

37In particular, the only Dumbledore action available only in Warriors Heroes allows players to top the War Rankings to become the most powerful superhero on the planet – every day thousands of people are present.


In general, the test gave a good first impression, the general outcast, tossed the eye has eye, hack cutting hands, exceeded the expectations of a title card 2D. Promised to be a relaxing experience for busy gamers, and a mind-boggling journey of exploration for the collector’s gamble, plowing.

Welcome to Heroes of War officially launched at 10am tomorrow morning (23/3/2017) nhé!


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