Top 5 most played games on Windows Phone appearance in the end of 2015

Not proved inferior to iOS or Android, Windows Phone gamers also have many attractive options for entertainment and mobile phone”. During the end of 2015, many new and upcoming games get much love from the gaming community.

1. Gardens Inc. 3

Inc.3 Gardens is time management game full of colors and fun is now officially available on Windows Phone in October last. The story revolves around two characters Jill and Mike plans to expand the business company to European gardeners to have money to pay for their wedding.


Unfortunately, there was someone stole their wedding rings, it’s a priceless heirloom memorabilia of family Jill. To hunt for thieves, the couple traveled to European cities to find family treasures. And all the evidence, all leading to a dark secret in the past of Jill. The burglar who, if they could catch the thief and make enough money to get married or not? You only have a short amount of time to perform the task, so please arrange it reasonably possible. Download Gardens Inc. 3 here.

2. Circus School Manga

Arena Manga Hero game is also the first converged on smartphones, owned a lot of character in the series like One Piece, Dragon Ball, Naruto, Bleach and most recently Hunterxhunter. Come to the Circus School of Manga, you will relive childhood memories and the landscape was extremely familiar with Vietnamese young generation of Japanese comic books.


Although not officially launched Windows Phone version but Arena Manga fan base gained no small amount due to echo” game was created in the community favorite manga in the previous operating system. Even some social network facebook group was created with the purpose of “black” version of Windows Phone. Tracking information about Arena Manga here.
3. Dumb Ways to Die 2

Following the release part 1, Dumb Ways to Die 2 officially landed on Windows Phone in September last. These cute characters continue to be experienced new deaths romantic flashedacross 5 new territory and ultimately conquer the dumbest of the Dumb. Every area that the train passes through, players will have another opportunity experience the romantic death flashed but not one like yet.


4. Make Mobile Ngao

Recently, swordplay game 10 years with 1 Ngạo Search Mobile officially launched Windows Phone version. This is a MMORPG for the first half is on the Windows Store. Earlier when launched on 2 Android OS and iOS, Ngạo Search Mobile has stunning with any record that any mobile game are keen to get as: 8000 players logged in at the same time only in the first 10 minutes, launched 13 servers in just 24 hours to offload frozen condition, the first mobile game in 2015 honor award potential mobile game of the season.


Ngạo Search Mobile is designed and manufactured according swordplay classical style, combining the essence from 4 of the most famous novels by writer Kim Dung. Class 4 players arbitrary selection: Shaolin, Full Truth, Dao Hoa and fat, which is attached to the system of martial arts moves with renowned. Add a point of making this mobile game attracts fans united for success that is building a world of Gypsy relatively authentic and unique.

Order & Chaos 5. 2

Also in late September last MMORPG Order & Chaos 2 famous officially “unveiled” Windows Phone gamers. Order & Chaos Coming 2, players continue to step into a world of chaos, where you will continue to play the hero with a mission to rescue the world from the dark powers. The game offers a fairly large space battle big hit to the player can unleash explore each location along with bold scenes medieval mythology, mysticism through every detail in the game.



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