Qian Kun Online – 3D game with ancient mythological context attractive

From December 31, 2015, Qian Kun Online will officially open widely commercialized after a long time at a standstill.

Qian Kun Online is a 3D online game genre fantasy themed MMORPG developed by companies Ysplay. Game operators ancient mythological context-based work “Son Hai Beijing”, building a vast virtual world full of magical mystery, takes players explore the exciting gameplay and depth investment requirements and not in a “noodle”.

With ancient world context, players will be tamed and fight side by side with thousands of pet type, is an interesting rider is god, holy animals exist only in legends is now recreated as 3D models beautiful and stately. Besides the operating system of mutual restraint contingent often seen in online games with bold oriental color.

This game can also split systems with two internal factions forces is Xuan Yuan Dynasty and the Cuu Thien Le Warring States, promises to bring the epic battle with the scale many people can participate. In the world of the cosmos Online, players will have one system relatively rich career with 8 categories include War General, Tu Jia Zhen, Director of Human, Half Way, Gunner with, his first wife, Feng Shui Master and Military bodyguards. The profession is also representative of such antiquity race Thi Xuan Yuan, nobility, Bach Thi …

In addition, the gameplay of the game content also included the women sent to players and the challenging Boss, a state with diverse systems and styles uy, social features as set congregation, the Friends . Also, the game also emphasizes system with many forms of PK beheaded, martial chaos billion Sporting wasted opportunity to scramble, the war faction, National War …, which gives players more experienced types interesting experience, skills heavens unreal extremely charismatic.

From December 31, 2015, Qian Kun Online will officially open widely commercialized after a long time at a standstill.

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